Psoriasis: improve your skin with thermal water

While those suffering from psoriasis require personalised and long-term medical care, sometimes these patients also need self-care treatments to help them “switch off” from the hectic pace of daily life.

In this perspective, conventional medical care and relaxation should not be considered two separate concepts, but two different sides of the same coin: conventional medical care can be accompanied by crenotherapy (thermal water treatment) to increase its efficacy.

Crenotherapy plays a key role in the treatment of psoriasis, because it meets a variety of patient needs, clinical and non-clinical, and physicians themselves can direct sufferers to the most suitable treatment centre, depending on the specific needs of their skin.

Italy has many thermal centres renowned for their water, and thanks to the partnership of selected facilities with the Foundation, patients can count on our support at all times, even when on holiday!

Thermal waters vary in their characteristics:

  • Sulfate waters: recommended mainly for liver, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, these waters can be drunk, or applied as mud packs.
  • Sulphur waters: particularly widespread in Italy, they are used to treat many skin and respiratory disorders, via inhalation or applied as mud packs.
  • Sodium – chloride waters: these waters contain chloride and sodium which help to improve bone and joint health, as well as helping to combat rheumatic and vascular ailments.
  • Radioactive waters: these waters are rich in elements from rocks and minerals.
  • Salt-bromide-iodine waters: these waters are characterised by their salt, iodine, bromide and sodium chloride content. Recommended for skin and gynaecological problems.
  • Bicarbonate waters: these waters aid digestion, and are often found on as drinking waters on our dinner tables.
  • Sea water – thalassotherapy: recommended for the treatment of skin imperfections, particularly cellulite, and to keep the airways clear.

For details of the thermal centres in Emilia Romagna and elsewhere offering discounts for the supporters of the Natalino Corazza Foundation, click here.

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