The Natalino Corazza Foundation

fondazione natalino corazza

Study and wide-ranging research of psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and onco-dermatological diseases are at the basis of Natalino Corazza Foundation. Created in July 2014, the Foundation is based in Bologna but it is operating nationally and internationally.
The Foundation is entitled to Natalino Corazza and it was established by the will of Maria and Valeria Corazza, his wife and daughter.
Natalino Corazza was a brilliant entrepreneur in the field of automatic packaging machines and thanks to this activity, he stood out worldwide.

Research on psoriasis and its complications is the main mission of the foundation, motivated by the fact that the disease affected the entire life of Natalino Corazza and other members of his family, forcing them to constant and continuous treatments, sometimes painful, sometimes ineffective. Unfortunately these treatments have too often caused relevant side effects, such as:

  • actinic keratosis because of phototherapy, tumors and lesions that require to be removed by laser, by liquid nitrogen or by surgery
  • photosensitivity and depression, liver failure and alopecia caused by immunosuppressive drug treatments.

Maria passed away in June 2015, but Valeria Corazza is continuing her commitment to ensure the seriousness of the Foundation by providing all the necessary resources in order to create the proper conditions allowing it to grow and to achieve significant results through the establishment and funding of scholarship and laboratories dedicated to research.

As previously mentioned, scope of Natalino Corazza Foundation is the study and research on psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and onco-dermatological diseases paying particular attention to the causes of the aforementioned diseases (today the cause of psoriasis is not clear yet) and to all kinds of treatments including pain therapy, reconstructive plastic surgery and/or dermatological surgery and to everything that may improve the quality of life for those who are personally living the tragedy of these debilitating diseases.
We aim to achieve concrete and effective results and one day (who knows!) to achieve the most important goal: complete healing!


  1. Provide financial support for scientific research carried out in Italy and abroad, in its laboratory and clinical aspects, and in particular financing scholarships.
  2. Promote and organize fund-raisings necessary for developing researches inthese fields, including initiatives and public events.
  3. Spread activities in order to raise awareness of all the problems related to the study, treatment and prevention of any kind of disease connected to psoriasis, moreover spread progresses and results of the research, including publications and their diffusion.

Our goals are ambitious and we can pursue them thanks to the support of all of you.

From the beginning we could count on the cooperation of people who, with great generosity, have offered their precious time and their knowledge and they suggested where to address our efforts. From the beginning we had generous donations from those who believe in the seriousness of the Foundation.

From here you can download our Brochure to know everything about projects and activities of our foundation.

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