APIAFCO Association

Only a strong association can support psoriasis patients and their families, as well as helping them to tackle and to overcome the various problems associated with the disease. The more members a foundation has, the stronger it is, allowing it to act with greater influence and authority.

Becoming a member of the association means becoming an integral part of an active organisation that seeks to improve itself day after day, to help those suffering from psoriasis.

Becoming a member means supporting the growth of the association and its projects, through participation in the general meetings of the members, as well as the sharing of ideas, expertise, and contacts useful to the association and to the cause more generally.

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What types of membership are there?

The membership fees are:

  • 30 euros to become an Ordinary Member
  • 50 euros or more to become a  Supporter

When you become a member, you are helping to support the social projects of the Association, and you are entitled to discounts at healthcare facilities and stores that have chosen to support our cause.  

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